About Us

STLunfiltered was created by a passion for whiskey found between me and my best man! The goal for this site is to have “quick notes” in front of you where ever you go.  These are your flash cards for whiskey.  Each post will display simple “need to know” information to help in your whiskey journey.

Our whiskey journey has filled our bar and kitchen cabinets expanding to over 100 whiskies.  This has become our hobby and we have finally decided to expand to the public on our knowledge.

How do we review whiskey?

Each review is done separately so that we do not feed off of each others palate.  We break down the tasting into three categories: Nose, Taste, and Finish. I know that a lot goes into tastings, but we wanted to make it simple and quick to find the information you need.  Once you stumble into the whiskey posts you will notice that this is a comparison of a “his” and “hers” tastings notes.  This isn’t to show that your woman will like a certain whiskey, but to get two different palates tasting reviews.

We welcome any comments you have. Whiskey goes on a journey through life why not respect its beauty and how others enjoy whiskey.  We want to know what you think about your journey with whiskey.

We hope you enjoyed visiting STLunfiltered.


Andrea & Andrew