High West Double Rye

Tech·ni·cal: /ˈteknək(ə)l/ Information:

Distillery: High West Distillery

  • Distiller: LDI & Blended by High West

Mashbill: 2 year old rye-95% rye 5% barley malt & 16 year old rye -53% rye and 37% corn

Age: 2 year old rye, 16 year old rye

Proof: 92



Nose- burst of caraway, pine, brown sugar

Taste- vanilla bean, caraway, bruleed marshmallows

Finish- lingering rye & caramel sweetness

Overall Rating: 83/100


Nose– caramel, rye, fruit

Taste– rye, cinnamon, grassy (earthy)

Finish– slight oak and rye

Overall Rating: 70/100

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