Henry DuYore Rye Whiskey

Distillery: Ransom

Mashbill: 77.8% Rye, 22.7% Barley.

Distillation: 35% Pot distilled in our 265 and 660 gallon Prulho alambic copper stills. 65% Column distilled at Lawrenceburg.

Age: Aged 18 months in barrel. 100% aged, blended, and bottled at Ransom.

Proof: 92.2



Nose-carmel, toasted caraway, corriander, malted barley

Taste-caraway, torched lemon, brown sugar

Finish-cereal grain, rye, jammy (raisin)

Overall score: 89/100


Nose– raw vanilla bean, rye, mint, oak

Taste– Light char (smoky), orange, faint baking spice, rye, grassy, caraway

Finish-light char, rye, touch of vanilla

Overall score: 88/100



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